Converter Technology

Automotive CCTV Power System

Automotive electronic systems operate in a harsh environment with wide ranging ambient temperature and severe high energy voltage transients.

Converter Technology has worked alongside a leading UK electronics design company who are designing cutting edge CCTV systems for buses and trains. The remit was to produce a fault tolerant power system to handle the front end power conversion for their product.

200W Custom Multi-rail Automotive Power Converter

The design incorporates a number of enhanced performance characteristics:-

  1. High conversion efficiency (>90%)
  2. Fault tolerant architecture to enhance system uptime
  3. 10ms hold-up capability
  4. Remains operational during and after ISO7637-2 pulse 5 (high energy load dump)
  5. Wide normal operating input range of 15Vdc to 60Vdc (24Vdc nom)
  6. Multiple regulated DC outputs of +3V3, +5V, +12V and a switched +24V
  7. Integrated trickle charger for optional system battery back-up
  8. Advanced system monitoring and status reporting
  9. Short circuit protected output rails with auto-recovery after fault removal
  10. Uses modern high frequency switched mode power converters to minimise board area requirements
  11. Advanced thermal management including system level over-temperature protection

The performance of the resulting power supply system has enabled our customer to market their system with an industry leading input voltage range and ruggedness unmatched by their competition.