Converter Technology

Design Test & Review

Our design test and review service is a great way to leverage our proven power design experience and sanity check your own design either before or after manufacture has commenced.

This service can benefit you by:-

  • Allowing you to keep development in-house whilst accessing the expert knowledge and advanced test capability at Converter Technology
  • Providing independent, unbiased technical input in all areas related to power converter design such as thermal performance, efficiency, loop stability, reliability/lifetime and behaviour during faults
  • Identifying potential problems before manufacture or allowing you to understand how to implement pragmatic fixes to systems already in production
  • Providing suggestions of useful ways to reduce cost in future design revisions
  • Giving exposure to the performance of latest generation techniques to improve the cost or performance of your system

Our deliverables in this area include a test report detailing all measurements and results from the review.

We can tailor our test and review services to your particular needs so if you have concerns about one specific aspect of your design or just want an expert eye to look more generally over what you have, please get in touch.