Converter Technology

In the Press

Below are copies of Converter Technology articles which have been published in various trade magazines:-

LEDs Magazine

Converter Technology has published a short series of articles in LEDs Magazine which discuss the benefits of using switched mode power converters to drive latest generation high brightness LEDs.

Jul/Aug 2007 : Switched Mode Power Converters Drive LEDs More Efficiently
Sept/Oct 2007 : Buck Converter LED Drive Systems for Automotive Applications
Nov/Dec 2007 : Boost Converter LED Drive Systems for Emergency Backup Lighting
April 2008 : Constant power LED driver reduces the cost for offline LED ballasts

The Quintessence of Ecodesign (EBV Elektronik)

Converter Technology was interviewed by EBV Elektronik on the subject of energy efficient power conversion for The Quintessence magazine.

Issue 02 (2008) : Converter Technology : Advice on energy efficient solutions


Converter Technology has published an article in EDN-Europe which discusses a 10W Power over Ethernet driven LED light reference design.

01/10/2008 : LED lighting makes maximum use of PoE