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Design Library

All our reference designs have detailed engineering reports which can be downloaded at no cost. The reports all contain full schematics, BOM listing and performance measurements. Click on the column headers in the table to sort the designs by each ategory.

If you have questions or comments about any of our reference designs then please contact us. The download and use of any of these reports is subject to our terms of use.

ID Description Input Voltage Output Power Output Full Engineering Report
RD001 60W Offline Isolated Power Supply
Peak Efficiency of 88%
195 – 265Vac 60W 24V/2.5A DOWNLOAD
RD002 50W Isolated DC/DC Converter
Peak Efficiency of 94%
36 – 75Vdc 50W 5V/10A DOWNLOAD
RD003 7W Mains Powered LED Ballast
Low Cost Design Runs on Worldwide Mains Voltages
85 – 265Vac 7W 7V/1A DOWNLOAD
RD004 15W Offline Power Supply
Dual Pitch Design Avoids Single Source Main IC
85 – 265Vac 15W 12V/1.25A DOWNLOAD
RD005 Power Over Ethernet High Brightness LED Light
Very Simple Low Cost Design
36 – 57Vdc 10W 0.9A up to 11V DOWNLOAD
RD006 25W SEPIC Converter
Output Voltage can be higher or lower than input voltage
20 – 32Vdc 25W 20 – 40Vdc DOWNLOAD
RD007 8W Automotive LED Ballast
87% Efficient, Load Dump Tolerant Design
10 – 60Vdc 8W 1A/8V DOWNLOAD
RD008 320W Telecoms Power Supply
93% Efficient, Low Profile Planar Magnetics Design
37 – 60Vdc 320W 32V/10A DOWNLOAD
RD009 35W LED Ballast for Emergency Lighting
95% Efficient, compact design
12 – 24Vdc 35W 1A/Vin to 35V DOWNLOAD
RD010 1.25W Inverting PSU
Tiny, Low Cost Solution
4 – 15Vdc 1.25W -2.5V/-0.5A DOWNLOAD
RD011 13W POL DC/DC Platform
95% Efficient
4.5 – 5.5Vdc 13W 0.6-3.3V/4A DOWNLOAD
RD012 15W Isolated DC/DC Converter
Wide Range 12V to 60V Input
12 – 60Vdc 15W 5V/3A DOWNLOAD
RD013 Class 0 Isolated PoE Converter
Includes +12V Aux Input Capability
12 – 57Vdc 10W 5V/2A DOWNLOAD
RD014 Offline Standby PSU
Under 300mW Consumption with 100mW Load
85 – 265Vac 0.1W 3.3V/30mA DOWNLOAD
RD015 Active PFC LED Ballastt
Meets EN61000-3-2 Mains Harmonics Requirements
195 – 265Vac 36W 2.75A/Vf upto 13V DOWNLOAD
RD016 Emergency Lighting LED Ballast
Mains and battery powered
85 – 265Vac 4.5W 380mA/Single LED DOWNLOAD
RD017 MR16 LED Ballast
Tiny Board Measure 19×14×10mm
12Vdc 7.5W 750mA with Vf of 10V DOWNLOAD
RD018 High Current LED Driver
Can Drive up to 9A
12Vdc 36W 3,5,7 or 9A with Vf of 4V DOWNLOAD