Converter Technology

EMI Compliance

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) will be generated by any switching power supply and regulations have been in place for a number of years which specify the limits for different types of equipment.

Before release, any product should be tested at a certified test-house to ensure it meets the relevant standards. Test house time can be very expensive so at Converter Technology we have the capability to perform accurate, pre-compliance conducted EMI measurement for our offline power designs to give you very high confidence of a pass when you take your product for testing.

RD004 Passes EN55022 Conducted EMI Levels with greater than 15dBuV safety margin!
RD004 Exhibits Very Low Conducted EMI Levels

Designing a power supply compliant to EMI standards at the lowest possible cost involves careful consideration of :-

  • PCB layout to reduce loop areas and avoid electrostatic coupling
  • Transformer construction to reduce common-mode currents coupling from primary to secondary
  • Snubber design to damp parasitic ringing voltages
  • Input filter design to attenuate differential and common-mode noise