Converter Technology

Energy Efficient Design

Global warming is now creating an ever growing need to reduce energy wastage. Worldwide, many governments and agencies have introduced targets in order to reduce the overall energy consumed by electrical equipment.

At Converter Technology we use the latest design techniques and innovations in Silicon technology to provide solutions which meet or exceed the current regulations and guidelines at minimal overall BOM cost.

Frequency reduction is one technique used by some recent silicon devices to reduce power consumption in standby modes. The picture here shows the measured switching waveforms in no-load (top waveform) and on-load (lower waveform) for RD004.

Scopeplot Showing Frequency Reduction in Practice

With no-load on its output, RD004 draws less than 300mW from the mains supply. At full load, the supply delivers 80% efficiency.

Extracting the best conversion efficiency for a given specification involves careful design of the whole power stage including magnetic components, PCB layout, good thermal design and selection of the most appropriate power semiconductors.