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Posted: 08 May, 2017

We are delighted to announce that our latest article featuring use of or HardwareStack rapid power prototyping system is now in print in Bodo’s power magazine (April 2017 edition). In this article, we have been exploring the benefits of using high performance Silicon Carbide power devices as the switching elements in a 10kW active front end (AFE).

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The key elements which are covered in the article are:-

How the efficiency varies as a function of both load and switching frequency. We tested from 30kHz to 100kHz operation

What other factors become important when switching frequency is increased beyond the traditional 10 to 20kHz range

You can view our latest article on the Bodos Power website

One of the most useful features of the active front end is that it is natively bidirectional – i.e. it can import from or export to the three phase AC supply. We have a great video of the voltage and current on one of the phases of the experimental AFE as the system is commanded to change to import to export and back again. Check it out here