Converter Technology

Reference Design RD008 is Released

Posted: 16 August, 2007

Converter Technology is pleased to announce the release of its latest reference design, RD008. This design is targeted towards the telecoms systems which need high conversion efficiency combined with low profile construction.

RD008 uses low profile planar magnetics to give leading edge performance

The custom planar magnetics used on this design bring the following benefits:-

  • Low profile with all components under 12mm above the board
  • Enhanced thermal transfer capability to the external heatsink
  • Ultra low leakage inductance to give high conversion efficiency
  • High power density

The operating efficiency of the design is in excess of 90% over most of the range of output powers.

Efficiency is above 90% over most of the output power range

The full report including schematics is available free for download and is now in the reference design library