Converter Technology

Converter Technology Adds Thermal Test Chamber Facility

Posted: 02 April, 2008

Addition of a new MK53 thermal test chamber from Binder will allow designs to be tested over a wide operating temperature range.

Binder MK53 Thermal Test Chamber

The characteristics of all electronic components vary with operating temperature:-

Electrolytic Capacitors will have significantly higher ESR at low temperature.

Schottky Diodes can show higher leakage currents at high temperature.

PN Diodes will have longer reverse recovery times at higher temperature.

MOSFET Rdson increases with operating temperature.

Copper Resistance increases with temperature.

IC Set Point References vary with temperature.

Ferrite Specific Losses change with temperature.

All of these factors along with other tolerances combine to effect converter performance parameters such as output voltage accuracy and overall efficiency.

Testing the final design over the required operating temeprature range ensures that your product will operate reliably in the field.

If you have an issue with low temperature PSU operation or are concerned about the maximum operating temperature and reliability of your converter at high ambient temperatures then contact us