Converter Technology

Reference Design RD003 is Released

Posted: 28 April, 2008

RD003 is Converter Technology’s latest LED ballast which is designed to drive two series connected Luxeon K2 LED’s from a mains input voltage of 85 to 265Vac 50/60Hz. The design uses a novel constant power architecture which emulates a constant current output to the LED’s without needing to sense the LED current directly.

Traditional full PWM system [Fig a] and novel constant power system [Fig b]

Figure (a) above shows a traditional full PWM feedback system whilst figure (b) shows the reduced BOM count possible with the constant power approach.

The full engineering report for this design is available free of charge in our design library which also includes a number of other LED reference designs.

RD003 – 7W Mains Powered LED Ballast
RD007 – 7W Automotive LED Ballast
RD009 – 35W LED Boost Design for Emergency Lighting Applications