Converter Technology

Converter Technology Releases RD011

Posted: 06 March, 2009

RD011 is a DC/DC converter reference design platform which is designed to deliver high current for high performance FPGA’s and Microprocessors.

RD011 Thermal Performance Driving 3.3V/4A

With an input voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5Vdc, the output can be configured to deliver a tightly regulated voltage between 0.6V and 3.3V with up to 4A capability. The high operating efficiency allows for a very small design and low component operating temperatures.

RD011 also has flexibility to allow the converter output voltage to track a master power rail during start up which is often important for digital IC’s with multiple power rails.

RD011 1V8 rail tracking a master 3V3 rail during start-up