Converter Technology

New LED Reference Designs Released

Posted: 16 July, 2010

Converter Technology is pleased to release three new LED driver reference designs.

RD015 is designed to run from mains power of 195 to 265Vrms.
RD015 - 36W Active PFC LED Ballast
RD015 includes the following design features:-

  • Fully Isolated Output
  • Meets EN6100-3-2 Class C Current Harmonic Requirements
  • Meets EN55022 Conducted EMI requirements

RD017 is a tiny 19mm x 14mm x 10mm high converter which can drive 750mA into an LED string voltage of up to 10V.

RD017 - MR16 LED Ballast

RD018 is a dual channel LED driver designed to power high current SST-50 LEDs from Luminus.

RD018 - High Current Luminus LED Driver Board