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Power Training

Posted: 03 October, 2011

With the recent addition of National Semiconductor product to its linecard, Silica commissioned Converter Technology to provide a series of power seminars to help its field applications engineers get up to speed on the new parts as quickly as possible.

The seminars were delivered live online to the European team with feedback and questions at the end. Click on the links at the bottom of this news item to download the seminar material.

The seminars focused on the advanced capabilities of the National Semiconductor power product portfolio including point of load conversion, high voltage DC/DC conversion and LED lighting.

Laurence Dellicott, Director of Field Applications at Silica commented:-

“All of the initial feedback I have received from the FAEs across Europe has been positive, and I would like to thank you for turning this around, producing the material, and delivering in such tight timelines, it is appreciated.”

Example Slide from FAE Power Training

Lucio Fornuto, Supplier Business Manager at Silica continued with:-

The technical level was good and really useful to introduce NSC key families to Silica, showing the benefits and the added value that we can get from these products for some applications. The same positive feeling in regards to speed, presentation approach and balance between technical level, product information and available time. Thank you again for your support and cooperation.

Seminar 1 – National Semiconductor Non Isolated and Point of Load Converters
Seminar 2 – National Semiconductor High Voltage DC_DC Converters Isolated & Non-Isolated
Seminar 3 – National Semiconductor LED Lighting