Converter Technology


The design flow for the development a new power converter is significantly de-risked at the point when the first representative development hardware is available for test. Early stage de-risking is essential to keep projects on budget and at Converter Technology we have developed a technology platform which helps with this.

HardwareStack Rapid Prototyping

HardwareStack is a family of proven power electronic modules which can be used to configure a new converter quickly with minimal new custom hardware design. The system allows the user to adopt advanced digital control which allows new algorithms to be tested quickly on real hardware in a way which is not feasible with conventional analog techniques.

We hosted a webinar at the end of 2016 in which we discussed the benefits of rapid prototyping and HardwareStack. Click here to watch this.

Take a look at the links on the left to see how we have used HardwareStack to rapidly prototype some very interesting converters.