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Reference Design RD004 is Released

RD004 is an isolated AC/DC power supply which will operate from an input voltage of 85Vac to 265Vac.

Output Voltage : 12Vdc
Output Current : 1.25A

RD004 15W Universal Power Supply

This design comes with two build options using the same PCB which avoids the supply risk of using single source components.

Click here to download the summary report. A full version of the report is also available from our design library.

Useful RMS Waveform Equation Calculations Released

We have released a new design document which gives the derived RMS and average values of some current waveforms commonly found in switching power converters.

When designing power stages, as well as the peak currents, it is important to know what the average and RMS values of current waveforms are in order to calculate the expected heat dissipation.

The document gives you the derived equations for most of the waveforms you would encounter in switching power supplies.

Example RMS and Average Current Equations

We have lots more useful material available in our technical resource section.

Reference Design RD005 is Released

Power over Ethernet can deliver up to about 10W of power and we have used this to create a constant current source power supply to drive a series string of three Luxeon K2 LED’s.

RD005 LED Lighting System
RD005 PoE LED Light Reference Design

The reference design includes all the front end PoE recognition and classification circuitry and also the switching power supply to drive constant current into the LED’s. The heatsink has been chosen to allow the LED’s to operate in an ambient up to 50

Converter Technology Adds Conducted EMI Test Capability

We have added conducted EMI test capability to our power lab which allows us to check all offline designs for EMI compliance before going to an outside test house. This gives you the following benefits:-

  • Reduces time and cost at an external test house
  • Speeds up your design cycle to get to production faster
  • Minimises cost of EMI filtering

RD004 passes EN55022 Conducted EMI measurements with greater than 15dBuV margin

Converter Technology engineers have many years experience in designing EMI compliant PSU’s with very low BOM cost. Check back soon since we will be updating our technical resources section to include more details on EMI, its causes and techniques to cost effectively meet the standards.

Converter Technology at EuroLED 2007

This years EuroLED conference in Birmingham was the largest yet with many companies showing the latest developments in LED technology.

We demoed some of our latest LED drive technology including an ultra low cost mains ballast designed to drive a single Luxeon K2 LED.

85Vac to 265VAc 50/60Hz Offline 3.5W Ballast

Our power over ethernet LED ballast, RD005, received significant interest from security and emergency lighting companies.

RD005 PoE LED Lighting Ballast

A new range of reference designs will be available soon specifically aimed towards powering some of the latest LED technology available.

For more information the EuroLED conference, go to the EuroLED Website.

Reference Design RD008 is Released

Converter Technology is pleased to announce the release of its latest reference design, RD008. This design is targeted towards the telecoms systems which need high conversion efficiency combined with low profile construction.

RD008 uses low profile planar magnetics to give leading edge performance

The custom planar magnetics used on this design bring the following benefits:-

  • Low profile with all components under 12mm above the board
  • Enhanced thermal transfer capability to the external heatsink
  • Ultra low leakage inductance to give high conversion efficiency
  • High power density

The operating efficiency of the design is in excess of 90% over most of the range of output powers.

Efficiency is above 90% over most of the output power range

The full report including schematics is available free for download and is now in the reference design library

First 'LEDs Magazine' Article Published

Switched-Mode power conversion can bring many benefits to the drive systems for high power LED lights. Our first of a series of technical articles in LEDs Magazine outlines the basic requirements of a power system driving LED lights.

Click here to access the article directly from the LEDs magazine website.

Reference Design RD007 is Released

Converter Technology today released it’s latest reference design, RD007, targeted towards automotive LED lighting.

RD007 Automotive LED Ballast

This design uses a ‘Buck’ converter topology with a hysteretic control scheme to regulate the current in the LED, even under extreme variations in input voltage. This approach results in a design which can drive two series connected Luxeon K2 LEDs at 1A with an input voltage between 10Vdc and 60Vdc.

RD007 Maintains High Efficiency Over the Full Input Voltage Range

The full engineering report for RD007 can be downloaded free from this page or from our design library.

Second 'LEDs Magazine' Article Published

This second article in the series in LEDs Magazine dicusses the general design and performance of reference design RD007 which is specified to drive two Luxeon K2 LEDs at 1A from and input voltage of 10Vdc to 60Vdc.

LEDs Magazine Article

Click here to see the article on the LEDs magazine website.

Third 'LEDs Magazine' Article Published

This third article in the series in LEDs Magazine dicusses the general design and performance of reference design RD009 which is specified to drive ten Luxeon K2 LEDs at 1A from and input voltage of 12Vdc to 24Vdc.

LEDs Magazine Article

Click here to see the article on the LEDs magazine website.